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Interview Guidance, Hints & Tips - The Rules!

This guide is essentially a route map to assist you in preparing and then navigating your way through an interview situation. The Rules!

It will assist you with preparation and personal appearance, through to the more complex aspects of Competency Based Interview questions and, more importantly, how to answer them thus using them to your advantage.

Competency Based Interviews

This interview format is commonplace, particularly with larger organisations who prefer a standard interview framework, rather than and individualistic one. Part of the rationale is that these seemingly obscure questions can help the interviewer gain an insight into your behaviours based on the way you communicate your responses. This, in theory, leads to the Company hiring the "best candidate".

Unfortunately, this seemingly one-size-fits-all approach to interviews can often prohibit the genuine "best candidate" from getting the job, simply because they are unable to showcase their attributes within the interview framework.

Our invaluable guide can help you understand what is being asked, why it is being asked and how you should reply.

Role Play

Many interviews and assessments can include role-play scenarios which are used to highlight a candidate's interactive skills, using questioning techniques and disturbance techniques, often with a predetermined "Outcome".

Unfortunately, many people have never actually done a role-play and, if you don't know how to do something, how you can you be expected to do it effectively? Our Role Play Guide provides a comprehensive understanding of role-plays, based on our own experiences. It is by no means fool-proof however it will provide you with a concise understanding of conducting an effective role play in order to deliver your own "Outcome".

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